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Our competitors' plans probably do not cover as much as our plans do. Our plans have many more listed and covered services, and overall you will pay more to the dentist if you use their plan.

Our plans were designed by DENTISTS, and we know much more about dentistry! If you pay less per month or year to join their "micro" dental plan, you will receive less benefits and discounts! That is a pure and simple fact of life. We also have a Dentist's Consultant on staff to answer your questions - toll free at 1-800-525-8869. Please ask about all of our BONUS DISCOUNTS!

We also can give more information about our program, which means fewer surprises! Our plan covers cosmetic dentistry! We give you immediate benefits with no waiting periods upon receipt of your enrollment form and payment! We have also been in business for over twenty-one years! Every enrollment form is automatically accepted and approved.

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